From the moment I heard ‘Golden Phone’ by Micachu I knew I was listening to something special (thanks, Brett). A few years later I discovered her Fool’s Gold (the collective from L.A. not that 70’s crap I downloaded by accident) ‘Surprise Hotel’ remix and I was in love. The woman just knows how to make good, ‘original’ music – though I really think ‘original’ ought to be removed from the dictionary as everything is influenced by something. Another conversation.

Raised by two musician parents she uses homemade instruments in her band, The Shapes, whose sound has been described as (and I love this) “thrillingly improbable pop made by a grade-A maverick.”

This collaboration with Tirzah brings back memories of Gr. 9, hanging out with Helena in her mom’s over sized teddy bear t-shirt, wrapping chunks of bleach-smothered hair in kitchen foil. Going to the convenience store across the street. Foil in hair, teddy bear on baggy t-shirt. Confused Chinese man. Giggling girls. *Sigh… Good times.