Did you ever think that you could fall in love with a fish? Chef Dan Barber did just that, not once but twice. Once he realized the truth about his first love, however, he quickly lost his passion for the unsustainable fish. Later on in Spain, he discovered the real deal – his kindred spirit so to speak. This fish was impeccably delicious (even though it was overcooked, twice) and Dan made it his mission to discover what or who was responsible for cultivating such a beautiful and delicious creature. Hear his entertaining and enlightening story:


Wasn’t that wonderful?

This next talk illustrates the difference natural living makes in one of the most despised yet prized foods in Western Culture: foie gras.

The controversy surrounding this delicacy has to do with the force-feeding method employed called ‘gavage’ and is considered by many to be a gross form of animal abuse. Once again in Spain, Dan discovers a farmer, Eduardo Sousa, who raises his geese in a traditional method passed down through generations where the geese are not only treated with respect but carefully catered to. This way of raising animals is a sharp contrast to how the majority of animal farms currently operate and is so in sync with nature it could bring one to tears. Ask Dan Barber.