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The Acid

Before I heard The Acid, I was listening to a remix of a song by one of the band’s three members, Ry X, called ‘Howling’. The Australian musician adds his distinctive flavour to the LA-based group and when I came across the song ‘Basic Instinct’…

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Daniel Haaksman – Rap Da Silva feat. Bani Silva

A long lover of Mr. Haaksman’s work, I am extremely pleased (so much so that it’s inspired a long-overdue music post as well as a thank you message to Haaksman’s soundcloud account) with discovering this little collaboration he did with Bani Silva, an artist unknown…

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Bonobo – ‘Cirrus’

My first introduction to Bonobo was his track ‘We Could Forever’ and thus started a love affair with the downtempo artist. Being on rotation for months at the Studio, I would say his music is one of the most commented on by clients. At a…

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Tirzah (and Micachu) – I’m Not Dancing

From the moment I heard ‘Golden Phone’ by Micachu I knew I was listening to something special (thanks, Brett). A few years later I discovered her Fool’s Gold (the collective from L.A. not that 70’s crap I downloaded by accident) ‘Surprise Hotel’ remix and I…

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Little Dragon

It started off with a remix by Tycho. I don’t even remember how I happened upon it (though I have a hunch it was probably Soundcloud) but that Tycho remix of ‘Little Man’ by Little Dragon has been – and still is – in rotation…

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Young Luv – Stay + (aka Christian Aids)

So when British Charity, Christian Aid Society, issued a “trademark infringement notice” to the band with an almost-the-same name, the artists changed their title to ‘Stay +’. Chuckles. Love these guys. Check out their satirical music video that pokes fun at the ridiculous pageantry of…

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Trial Of the Century – The French Kicks

Doing dishes last night alongside our new house mate, Brian, he brought up how Arcade Fire reminded him of his University years. I looked at him with a knowing smile and told him I felt the same way. The other group that comes to mind…

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Champagne Coast – Blood Orange

Ever since my friend Ty (or was it Leo?) sent me this video like a year ago I have honestly listened to this song at least once a week. You just can’t get tired of it. This video is so rad.

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Phantogram Love

Obsessing over this band for a few years now. The looping synth lines, BIG bass, haunting vocals and eerie guitar strumming just does it for me every time. When I incorporate Phantogram’s music into my DJ sets I make sure to bring the lows down…

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Electric Guest – Full Album

Sometimes I come across some really really great sounds but there’s only like 2 or 3 decent tracks on the album. This is not one of those times. So good.

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